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I am a nurse working on my BSN. After working on many papers in APA format on my own, I finally decided to purchase your APA style template. Let me assure you this is by far and wide the easiest way to tackle any APA style project. I am looking forward to using the template many more times and I highly recommend it to anyone. — Erica Moore L.P.N (now BSN)

A complete solution for typing APA and MLA papers.


Our software makes starting APA & MLA papers quick and easy. Managing references or works cited lists is easy, quick, and accurate.

Features include:

  • Quickly and easily download and install everything you need for a perfectly formatted in APA style paper or MLA style paper.
  • Use your existing word processor and document software – nothing new to learn.
  • Create title pages, abstract pages, margins, page numbers, references, even citations with ease.
  • Type in the author, title and journal; hit “enter” and you have a perfectly formatted APA style reference or MLA style works cited entry.
  • Get menu-driven help and friendly customer service at your fingertips.
  • Lots of little features that make your life easier.
  • Eliminate hours of frustration and focus on the content of your paper instead of the format.


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