Why Buy Reference Point Software


Our product is superior

We design each screen to exactly match the task at hand & give you the information you need to be successful! Plus:

Free Technical Support

No matter what problem you are having with our software, your word processing software or APA Style our friendly and knowledgeable technical support staff will be happy to help you.


We’ve been selling templates to help writers type papers in APA style since 1990. The templates grew from our own frustrations with formatting papers, and we’ve incorporated feedback from thousands of customers and instructors into our products and documentation to bring you the easiest method of typing APA papers ever.

Ease of Installation

Our products are easy to install, so you can start working with them in minutes. Double click on your download and the templates install themselves! If you don’t have rights to install software we can usually help you do a quick manual install.

Ease of use

All it takes is a few mouse clicks, answer a few questions on screen, and you’re ready to start typing your paper! Typing papers in APA format has never been easier.

References that travel with you

Your references and citations are easily moved to another computer or even stored in the cloud.


Not only are our templates updated to the latest edition of the APA Publication Manual but also the latest edition of the Word processing software that you use. We take advantage of the new features of your word processor, such as the modern Ribbon menu, to make our software easy to use.

Our templates are based on the 7th Ed. of the APA Publication Manual and include support for APA’s style guidelines for electronic resources and references.


We don’t have fancy packaging. We don’t have printed instructions. The instructions are on the CD, and your word processor can print them out. This saves us manufacturing, storage, and shipping costs. We pass these savings on to you! Misplace your manual? Just print another copy!

Great Customer Comments

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